The Story Behind V-Day

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Who Was St Valentine?

Ever wondered what the history behind V-Day is?

Legend has it that around 278 AD, Emperor Marcus Aurelius Claudius Gothicus aka Claudius II found it difficult to find men to join his army, and believed this was due to a strong attachment to their wives and families.

So the Roman emperor did the most logical thing that a man without a pervy uncle (and his dull WhatsApp forwards) would do – he decided to ban marriages altogether.

It would have been a smart move in an ideal world. But it appears that Claudius II forgot to factor in the one thing that motivates humans to move mountains for one another – love hormones.

On the other hand, you had St Valentine, who recognized the injustice of this act and decided to do something about it.

Ignoring the orders of his emperor, V went on to officiate the marriages of young couples in secret. Sadly, when Claudius II found out about this, he had Valentine arrested, possibly beaten with a club and, finally, beheaded.

This gruesome death made him a martyr and St Valentine’s day is celebrated every year throughout the world with great relish. It’s a celebration of love and a homage to the selfless saint.

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