6 Ways to Become a Better Lover

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Love, then Love Some More

Amazing relationships don’t just happen; it takes efforts and a lot of mutual understanding.

Relationships that add value to your life are important for your overall happiness and well-being and the role you play in the relationship matters a lot.

Here are some effective ways to become a better lover and take your relationship to another level.


  • Take responsibility for yourself –

Learn how to take responsibility of your feeling and requirements. It means instead of trying to get your partner to make you feel secure and happy you must learn how to do this through your own actions and thoughts.


  • React less –

In the midst of fights and emotional outbursts, it is very natural to over-react. We can see the other person over-reacting but it’s hard to recognize our own over-reactions.

Reacting less does not mean you’ll ignore the problem, it means you control the way you react to it.


  • Focus on the positives –

Everybody has some flaws but they have several positive aspects too. Instead of emphasizing on the flaws focus on the positive things, seek happiness in it, and embrace it with open arms.


  • Gratitude –

There is an inflow of positive energy between two people when there is “an attitude of gratitude.” Constant fights and complaints create negative energy and may drain happiness out of your relationship.

Gratitude gives inner peace; it intensifies your relationship emotionally and makes you happy.


  • Fun and play –

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” it does the same to relationships too. A healthy relationship flourishes when people have fun, laugh together when humor is a part of everyday conversations.

Do not take everything very seriously; learn to see the witty side of life.


We hope this post lifts you up and helps you add more to your relationships.


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