KBeauty Fave: Tattoo Eyebrow Gel

Eyebrow tattoos are a huge trend in Korean beauty (or better known as KBeauty), and if you’ve been living under a rock and have no idea what eyebrow tattoos are, they are a type of brow makeup that is sweeping the nation. They come as either markers or gels that you peel off. It’s become such an iconic makeup product in Asia, and we’re here to give you 3 reasons why!


Eyebrow tattoos would either have a creamy or gel-like consistency, making application smoother, easier, and a whole lot quicker than with a pencil. Though applying it may take a couple of seconds, it’s the amount of time needed for the product to set that usually sets people off. While some take roughly 15 minutes (aka enough time to finish the rest of your makeup) before you can remove it, other types of eyebrow tattoos take as much as 2 hours! Yikes!

But hey, that gives a whole lot of time to take silly selfies while you look like an anime character so it’s not that bad, right?   


If you’re looking for a product that’ll last come rain or shine, this is it. The eyebrow tattoos can literally last for days, even a week! Yes, you read it right, a week! These tints maintain their shape and don’t smudge at all. No need to fumble through your makeup bag to retouch your eyebrows when you’ve got the eyebrow tattoo! This is basically one step off your makeup routine and you know what that means? A couple extra minutes of sleep!

They’re quite pigmented too which means a little goes a long way with these bad boys. This product will surely last long not only on your shelf but also on your face.


As they are essentially kind of like henna, the eyebrow tint is waterproof. So you can basically continue being your awesome self without having to worry about your eyebrows running down your face! This is truly a must have especially when you’re the type to go on spontaneous trips to the beach for a quick swim or you just want to squeeze in a quick workout before heading home.

The eyebrow tint is an advocate of effortlessly looking good and so should you too!

Has this eyebrow tattoo made an impression on you? You can check out the Peel Off Eyebrow Gel Tint in our shop now!

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