5 Natural Ingredients for Healthy Hair

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Add These to Your Shampoo and See the Effects

Gorgeous lustrous hair is everybody’s dream but are we really able to take time out of our hustling schedules to perform all the necessary hair care rituals?

A healthy mane makes one look attractive and feel beautiful.

We may not get time to indulge in those time-consuming hair massages and hair packs but here are 5 ingredients you can add to your shampoo to promote hair growth and enjoy those beautiful Rapunzel-like locks.


  • Aloe Vera –

Add a few teaspoons freshly squeezed aloe-vera gel to your shampoo and mix well. The vitamins and minerals in aloe-vera promote hair growth and clean your mane.


  • Castor oil –

Add a couple of tablespoons castor oil to a mild shampoo and mix well. Castor oil treats hair fall, fixes split ends and contributes to hair growth.


  • Lemon juice –

Take a fresh lemon and squeeze juice out of it. Mix this juice with your shampoo. Lemon has natural anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties that clear dandruff and also exfoliate and cleanse your scalp.


  • Honey –

Add a few tablespoons honey to your shampoo and mix well. Honey treats itchy scalp and also promotes hair growth. After washing your hair with honey and shampoo your hair smells sweet and feels silky.


  • Rose water –

Add ¼ cup of rosewater to your shampoo. Rose water treats dandruff, promotes healthy scalp, adds to hair growth and also leaves your hair smelling like a bouquet of roses.


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