4 Tips to Safeguard Your Belongings During Vacations

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Always Be Safe During Travel

With all the excitement that surrounds a vacation, it can be easy to get carried away and neglect safety essentials. Read these tips to know how to remain safe:

Ditch the fancy items

It’s best to leave your priceless items safely at home, but if you absolutely must bring them along, wear the jewelry or carry it on you instead of in luggage. At your destination, leave valuables in the hotel safe and wear them only at a special occasion.

Make copies of your passport

If you lose your passport—whether forgotten on a train or stolen out of your bag—replacing it is a lot easier if you have a copy on hand. Make two copies, one for someone back at home and one to carry with you; a digital copy can provide some backup.

Don’t carry too much cash

If you’re traveling in a country with different currency, you’ll most likely have quite a bit of money on you—but don’t carry it around all the time. When considering how to hide money on your body, its best to divide up the money and carry only a portion of it at a time, making sure that you have easy access to some of the cash.

Use the hotel safe

If you have a private hotel room, your belongings are generally safe in the locker room. However, leaving your valuables out in plain sight may invite trouble; while hotel staff are generally trustworthy, housekeeping staff may leave doors propped open when cleaning, which can create an opportunity for passersby to grab and go.

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