4 DIY Detox Water Hacks for Clear Skin

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Cost-effective Tips for Beautiful Skin

Drinking ample water and keeping your body hydrated can be a real task. We all are well aware of how much water we must drink in a day, but gulping 8 glasses of bland H2O can be a little boring.

Adding some amazing ingredients to your regular glass of water not just makes drinking water an easier task but also works great to cleanse your skin and detox your body.

Having flawless, clean and glowing skin is everybody’s desire, but our stressful lifestyle and constant exposure to sun bombards our skin with acne, rashes, pigmentation and dullness.

The best and the easiest solution to all skin problems is water.

So, here are a few types of detox waters that are your doorway to a clearer and healthier skin:


  • Cucumber, mint and lemon –

Cucumber boosts hydration and a few slices of it also add a lot of flavor to water. Mint helps in digestion which further adds a glow to your skin and lemon has incredible detoxing properties.


  • Blueberries and orange –

Blueberries work as great anti-oxidants for acne prone skin and oranges are loaded with Vitamin C – yet another powerful anti-oxidant that helps clear your skin.


  • Lemon, apple cider, aloe, honey and mint

Packed with Vitamin C lemon stimulates the liver and enriches our body’s detoxing capabilities.  Apple cider vinegar is high in enzymes, aloe works for a healthier gut and clearer skin while honey performs anti-bacterial functions.


  • Strawberry and lemon

Strawberries are very nutritious and are amazing antioxidants. Rich in Vitamin C strawberry and lemon heals your dry, dull and rough skin making it soft and smooth.


Found these tips useful?

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